What kind of content should I publish on my platform?

Keep your fans engaged with exclusive & exciting content.

Once your Fangage platform is set up, it's time to figure out how to reward your fans.

To build and diversify your brand, offer exclusive content to fans as a thank you for their loyalty and support. It is possible to spark interest and curiosity with exclusive content, and ultimately get your fans to check out what they are missing out on.

Fangage makes it effortless and easy for you to offer content to your fans and, provided you know what kind of content you want to offer.

You might not be feeling creative right now, so here are some ideas:

Digital Content

  • Video content:
    • Behind-the-scenes content
    • Video tutorials 
    • Early access to video content 
  • Downloads: 
    • Exclusive packs (sample packs, preset packs etc.)
    • Never-released projects 
    • Wallpaper packs, phone backgrounds 
  • Images: 
    • Exclusive albums/images 
  • External links: 
    • Access to special fan communities (private Discords etc.)
    • Access to a full content library 
  • Audio:
    • Early access to upcoming music, mixes, playlists
    • Exclusive mixes, mixtapes, playlists 

Merchandise & Physical Goods

  • External (private) links to:
    • Exclusive merch only for your superfans

    • Pre-sales (merch drops)

    • Pre-sales - tickets to (live) shows

  • Discounts (coupons) on merchandise

    • Special generated coupon code to get xx% off your merch
    • Sponsored discount codes and affiliate links
  • Giveaways/Contests: 
    • Goodie bags
    • Autograph cards 
    • Video call with a fan 
    • Personalized items with the fans name 
    • Tickets to an event 
    • Gift cards 


  • Submissions: 
    • Fan feedback on current projects 
    • Let fans submit their questions 
    • Fan contribution towards upcoming content i.e., videos, images, questions
    • Personalized video messages:
      • Let fans submit a script/request and send them a google drive link with the video as a reply 
    • Access to fan-only Instagram account, Discord server/channel, Subreddit, Facebook group, Telegram group 
      • Let fans submit their username/number and add them manually
  • Polls: 
    • Fan voting on content (future content ideas)
  • Email (Using our "Engage" feature):
    • Email newsletter
    • Life updates and announcements
    • Link to a surprise Zoom meeting 
  • SMS (Using our "Engage" feature): 
    • Important announcements 
    • Surprise merch drops 
    • Links to ticket sales, merch sales, etc. 
    • Meet-and-greet in a specific location (using fan-filters)
  • Other: 
    • Surprise phone call (pick a fan from the fan overview)
    • Personal thank you note
    • Video call with fan