What is the file size limit for uploading content?

Upload files with ease!

Fangage offers integration with many different platforms, but you can also host content directly on Fangage by using a direct download link as your content item.

In order to offer content that can be downloaded by your fans, simply access the "Content items" section on your Fangage admin page. After creating a new "Content group" or accessing an existing one, simply click on "Create item" and choose "Download" as your content type.

On the right side, click on "Download" and choose the file that you want to upload to your site.

The maximum file size limit is 500MB, meaning you can only directly upload files that are smaller than 500MB in size. Usually, images, mp3 files, and short videos are less than 500MB.
That said, you can upload as many files or images as you like, as long as each file is less than the size mentioned above. Please refer to our fair use policy to learn more about capacity limits.

In case your files are larger than this limit, you can easily host your files on a file hosting platform and use the link as a content item.
When creating your content item, choose "External link" and paste your link in the "External URL" field.

Here are some suggestions of options for hosting video and audio files where you can upload files larger than 500MB and offer it as exclusive content to your fans:

Video (we recommend using the "unlisted" option):



Imgur (max. 200MB)





YouTube music



Other file-hosting options:


Google Drive





These are just suggestions. The services and sites have their own privacy policies. In case you are not familiar with a file-sharing service, we recommend you review their terms of service and privacy notes first before uploading any files.

Please contact support if you have any issues or further questions! You can reach us using the live chat button in the bottom right corner, or by emailing support@fangage.com.