What is Fangage?

Your Fans. Your Platform.

Fangage is the #1 tool to collect fan data - know who your fans are and reach them directly without any social media algorithms! 

  • Use Fangage to build your own fan platform, take control of your fanbase, increase your earnings, and build your own brand. 
    Fangage is not a platform. Instead, we provide you with a tool that lets you create your own site. 

  • Own 100% of your data

    • You are in full control. We don't have access to your fan data. 
    • Your fans are yours, so is your platform. As the platform owner, you manage & control, your fan data. No more interference from third-parties. 

  • Reach 100% of your fanbase - all the time

    • Social media network outages are becoming commonplace, so is censorship and declining reach. Bypass complicated social media algorithms by reaching your fans whenever and wherever. 
  • Keep up to 95% of your earnings.

    • With our paid content feature, you can sell exclusive content or subscriptions to your fans.

    • We do not take ridiculous commissions from you. You get to keep up to 95% of your earnings!

What can I do with Fangage?
Using Fangage you can do the following:

  • Create your own, fully branded fan platform for all your exclusive (paid) content, new announcements, and more.

    • Set up your Fangage website in 5 minutes or less, built to host and sell exclusive fan-only content.

  • Easily add all types of exclusive content & experiences

    • Fangage supports images, videos, audio, links, promo codes, contests, downloads, submissions, and more.

  • Grow your own brand, independently. 

    • You get your own platform and full control over your fan-data. 
  •  Reach your fans directly via email, text & voice
    • Because you own 100% of their fan data, you can always reach your fans without algorithms standing in your way.

      • Make more money by selling paid content, subscriptions & products 

        • Make money selling your most exclusive content and products to fans, or have them sign up for VIP memberships. Integrate with Shopify or Woocommerce to sell your merch directly on your Fangage platform.

      The Importance of owning your data

      Influencers and creators are struggling with declining reach. Only around 2% of all posts are seen by your fans. As a consequence, complicated social media algorithms require you to pay to reach all your fans. Based on this trend, creating and monetizing your own fan platform is as important as ever! 😎