What is an Engagement?

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Why should I send Engagements?

Engagements allow you to communicate with your fans directly from your Fangage site, without any interference from social media algorithms.
By using engagements, you'll be able to reach your fans directly via email or SMS to keep them in-the-know about you and your upcoming projects!
Artists, creators, and influencers send out engagements on a regular basis to sell out shows, merchandise, and keep their most loyal fans up-to-date on their lives. 


How can I get the most out of Engagements? 

  • Promote your page regularly.
  • Have as many fans as possible sign up on your site (use contests!).
  • Don't spam your fans.
    • Send emails on a regular basis, but no more than once per week. 
    • Send SMS/text messages on special, important occasions.
  • Use fan filters to target specific fan groups! 
    • If you're doing a meet-and-greet in a certain location, make sure to only target the fans who are able to come. 
    • Learn more about fan filters here.

When should I send emails?

  • Send emails when you want to update your fans on your projects, or when you want to promote new content.
    • For example, artists send engagements to promote their releases and to reconnect with their fans when they upload new content exclusive to their sites.

When should I send SMS/texts? 

  • Send texts when you have an urgent update, exciting news, or a surprise event! 
    • For example, creators promote secret merch drops or black friday sale events via the SMS feature, as fans are more likely to see and act on it compared to emails.