What are pages and how do I add one?

Use Fangage as your website replacement, by easily creating static content pages

What is a page? 

Pages allow you to offer static content like a biography or contact information. In addition, you can offer interactive pages by embedding HTML, CSS and scripts. 

Here's an example of Act of Rage's biography page:

How do I add a page? 

The pages of your Fangage platform can be managed by clicking "Content" in the sidebar of your admin panel, and then clicking "Pages"

Using the editor, you'll be able to implement the content you want. We recommend using pages for simple text-related information. 

Some examples of pages that Fangage users add: 

  • Contact 
  • Biography 
  • About me 
  • Tour dates/Tickets (Using an i-frame) 

Pro tip: You can lock your pages and make them only available for fans who sign up on your Fangage site! 
Use this for secret blog posts or secret information! 

Words of wisdom: 

  • Add a "Contact" page with your email so your fans can easily contact you if they have questions or problems with payments! 
  • You can create a content item type "external link" and link to one of your pages. This way, fans can unlock announcements, updates, blogposts, and more. 
  • Use custom HTML and CSS to improve design and make your pages more interactive!