What is a content item?

Learn more about the essential feature to collect fan data!

What is a content item?

Content items are a fundamental piece of any Fangage platform. Content items are shown as "boxes", containing a cover image, text, and a call to action button. Unlocking a content item can grant fans access to your content.

The following types of content are available to post: 

Below you can see an example of a content item implemented by fitness influencer and entrepreneur Merijn: 

Merijn used Fangage to build his merijn.club platform, which allows him to easily collect the data of his fans using content items like downloads or contests 

By conducting giveaways on his platform and promoting the content items through his social networks, Merijn is able to build up his own database of loyal fans.

Why should I implement content items?

Fans are more likely to sign up on your platform if you provide them with exclusive content, and using content items you'll be able to offer content quickly and efficiently.
Remember: Your fans won't give you their data if you aren't providing them with exciting content!

Pro tip: don't know what content to post? 

Check out our content idea list to get some inspiration!