What are profile field scores and how can I edit them?

Edit the profile completion percentages for your fans!

A profile field represents data such as first name, gender, or date of birth. Profile field scores indicate the profile completion percentage assigned to that data.
As an example, the default profile field score for gender is 10%, which means that a fan's overall profile completion is going to increase by 10% once they indicate their gender.

By default, email addresses and mobile numbers have the highest profile field scores assigned, as they are valuable for sending out engagements.

Navigating to the profile fields option:

  1. On the left Fangage menu tab, click on "Settings", which will open a drop-down menu.

  2. Click on the "Profile fields" option to access the settings.

Customizing the assigned fan scores for each profile field (Name, gender, city, language, mobile number, email, date of birth):

  1. Now you can change the fan score assigned to each profile field. For example, if you want a persons fan score to increase by 25% if they give out their first name, simply change it from the default 10% to 25%.

  2. After selecting the new settings, left-click the "save changes" button.