What are content items and what does the fan profile completion mean?

All about the core of Fangage: Content items!

Public content vs Fan only content

In order to offer (exclusive) content on your Fangage website, you will need to set up content items. A content item is any form of content, for example, a video, a giveaway, or a file that can be downloaded.
Check out our in-depth guide to content items to read more about the different types of content you can offer on your Fangage site.

Depending on what you're trying to offer, you can choose your content item to be visible to everyone visiting your website (even when they are not signed up).

If this is what you want, simply make it "public".

In order to get the most out of Fangage, you can also offer locked content items. These content items can only be accessed if fans sign up on your Fangage platform and complete a certain percentage of their profile. This percentage is referred to as "profile completion"

Choose "fan onlyand using the slider, indicate the minimum fan profile completion.

Profile completion percentages

Each content item can have a minimum profile completion assigned to it. The profile completion indicates how "complete" a fan's profile should be in order to be able to unlock and access the content item. Fans can increase their profile completion by providing their data, such as indicating their birth date.

You can also customize the percentage amount by which a user's profile completion increases on your admin page. Learn more about it here.

Words of wisdom: 

  • Assign your most exclusive content a high fan profile completion so you gather as much data from your fans as possible!
  • The following content types cannot be set to "public": 
    • Contest
    • Submission 
    • Promo code
    • Poll


  • Fitness creator Merijn launched a special giveaway prompting fans to complete at least 70% of their profile.
  • He indicated a large minimum profile completion because the giveaway was more special than the other ones.