How can I add a contest and choose a winner?

Run contests and choose a winner with one click!

What are contests?

We all love a contest, don't we? Our contest content type allows you to create giveaways and contests with ease. By interacting with a contest content item, fans can enroll and take part in the contest with one click. Depending on the contest, there could be multiple winners.

Why should I implement a contest? 

An easy way to start building and growing your fanbase is by doing a giveaway/contest. This eliminates the need to create and fill your site with additional, high-effort content. Furthermore, your fans will have an extra incentive to visit your page, sign up, and provide their data. 
Promoting the contest link on your social media platforms like your Instagram will ensure that your biggest fans will sign up. Here are some tips on how to promote your content.

How can I implement a contest?

  1. Click on the orange "+" button in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can also navigate to "Content" in the left menu tab.

  2. Under content type, choose "Contest" and click on "Create item" 
    1. Add a confirmation text which will show up after a fan enrolls in the contest. Some  examples are:
      - Successfully joined! 
      - Good luck! 
      - Successfully entered!
    2. Add a cover image, we recommend using an image of the giveaway item
    3. Add a call to action as the button text. Some examples are: 
      - Join now 
       Enter contest 
      - Enter giveaway
      - Enroll
    1. (Optional): Set a minimum profile completion requirement. If its your first giveaway, try to go for a 20-50% profile completion. The higher you go, the longer it will take your fans to enroll, resulting in fewer contestants. 

How do I choose a contest winner? 

  1. Navigate to "Content"  
  2. Next to the contest content item, click on "View participants" 
  3. Click on "Choose a winner" 
  4. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be displayed on the screen 
  5. If there are multiple winners in your contest, you can click on "Choose another winner" 
  6. You can contact the winner(s) by navigating to their profile and copying their email address! 


Here's an example of Warface giving away a special trolley that was signed by them:

As a result, Warface was able to collect the data of an additional 1000 fans!