How does the submission feature work?

Using our submission feature, you can receive images, videos, or audio files from your fans.

Why should I open fan submissions? 

It is rewarding to let your fans submit content since it shows them that their contributions are valued. It's a great way to let them participate in your life as a creator. 
Host a remix contest for your newest song or receive content to discuss in your next video - the possibilities are endless.

Creating a submissions content item (fan art example):

  1. When creating a new content item or editing an existing one, click on "Submissions" under "Content type".
  2. Under "Submission file" type, choose the file type your fans can submit.
    1. Fans can submit audio files, video files, images, or texts. 
      1. Audio files: Perfect for musicians & record labels as this will allow you to create a demo drop module. 
      2. Video: Let fans submit a video, think of greetings or project contributions
      3. Images: Perfect for creators who receive lots of fan art! 
      4. Text: Fans can submit text, think of questions for a Q&A or a script for a personal video message. 
  3. Under "Max uploads" per fan, choose how many files each individual fan can upload - per day, week, month, year, or overall. In this case, we want every fan to be able to submit two images per month
  4. If needed, generate an "Auto-reply" which will be sent out to your fans email address once they submit. For example: "Hey thanks for submitting, I will check it out within the next 24 hours". 
  5. Upload a cover image, adjust the button text, and add a description. 

Accessing submissions:

In the admin dashboard, click on "Fans" and then on "Submissions".
Here you can view, manage, and reply to every submission!

Replying to submissions:

If you would like to respond to a particular submission, click on it. This will open a new window in which you can view the file. Then, you can reply to the submission or use a reply template.