How do I implement and manage redirects

When you create a content item, content group, or page on your Fangage site, a new URL is automatically created. If you want to use your domain to redirect people to a different site you should use our redirect functionality. 
Here's something to note: 
  • For website translations, two characters are reserved. Thus, there is a minimum of three characters required  
Accessing and implementing redirects: 

1. Navigate to "Settings" in your admin dashboard 
2. Click on "Redirects" 

3. Under "Source", choose your desired slug (in our example, "new-video")
4. Under "Destination", enter the link to your desired destination (in our case the link to your YouTube video). Please make sure to paste the entire link in the field (including "https://")
5. Click on "Create" to create the redirect. 
6. You can always come back and edit the redirects by clicking on the pen icon next to it. 

When to use redirects: 
Let's say you want to use the URL to direct people to your newest video on YouTube. If you share the URL without implementing a redirect first, people will come across a 404 error on your Fangage site. Instead, you should point the URL to