How do I create and use reply templates?

Save time by implementing reply templates when responding to submissions!

Reply templates can be used when responding to submissions. This can save you time while still maintaining a close and personal relationship with your fans. 

Navigating to your reply templates: 

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Click on "Reply templates" to view your reply templates.
  3. Click "Create template" in order to create a new reply template.

Creating a new reply template: 

  1. Give it a title, this will be seen internally only by you and other admin users.
  2. Write the body of the text under "Content", this is what your fans are going to see. 
  3. Make sure your templates are personal and don’t sound like a bot! 

Using reply templates: 

  1. When viewing fan submissions, click on "Quick reply".
  2. Choose the reply template you want to use and hit the send button!