How do I create a content item?

Learn how to start posting your content on your Fangage platform

How to start creating a content item:

In this example, we'll be uploading an unlisted YouTube video:

  1. Click on the following orange button in the lower right corner:
    1. Alternatively, you can also navigate to "Content" in the left menu bar.
  2. Choose the type of content you'd like to post and give it a title.
  3. Click on "Create item" to create the content item.

How to create a content item - Details: 

  1. Mandatory: Paste the YouTube link in the second input field. 
    1. Unlisted YouTube videos are supported. 
  2. Upload and crop the cover image.
    1. Note: cover images need to be in a square format.
  3. Edit the button text, this can be a call to action. Button text's are pre-generated so you don't need to change them.
    1. In this example, the default text was changed from "Watch now" to "Watch the video!".
  4. If needed, add a description. 

How to create a content item - Access options: 

  1. Choose the accessibility settings: 
    1. Public: Everyone visiting your Fangage page will be able to access and see the content.
    2. Unlisted: The content item is hidden from your page, but it can be accessed via a link.
    3. Fan only: This is the most popular option as it will allow you to collect the data of your fans. 
  2. In order to get the most out of Fangage, you should offer fan only content. These content items can only be accessed if fans sign up on your Fangage platform and complete a certain percentage of their profile. This percentage is referred to as "profile completion"

  3. Choose a minimum fan profile completion:
    1. This option is enabled by default and the minimum fan profile completion is set to 20%.
    2. Use the slider to adjust the minimum fan profile completion.
    3. Content with greater exclusivity should be given a higher minimum profile completion. 

How to create a content item - Visibility options: 

  1. If needed, put the content item into a content group
    1. By using content groups, you can group content into categories. 
    2. Choose an existing content group. In case you haven't created any content groups yet, click on the "+" button to create a new content group. 
  2. Other visibility options:
    1. highlighted: This option allows you to highlight the content item, which will give the content item a shining effect and a different colour. 
    2. pin-to-top: Choosing this option will pin your content item at the top of the page. This will display the content item as the first content item on your page even if newer content is added. 
    3. hide from "all": By default, your site has an "all" section which displays all your content items. You can choose to hide the content item from the "all" section. This is especially handy if you're using content groups and don't want to clutter your main site.

Publishing a content item:  

  • At this point you must be quite eager to post the content item!
    Simply click on "Publish now" to post your content. 

Scheduling or saving a content item:

  • Alternatively, by clicking on the arrow pointing down next to the "Publish now" you can also save the content as a draft or schedule the content item: 
    • "Save as draft": This allows you to save the content item without publishing it, so you can revisit it later and continue editing it. 
    • Schedule: You can also schedule content items so they show up on your Fangage site automatically.
      • Choose a "from" date/time: The content will be posted automatically at indicated date/time. 
      • If needed, select a "till" date: After the specified date and time, the content will automatically disappear. 
      • Please make sure your timezone is set correctly in the "General" settings tab.