How can I import my fan data?

Enrich your Fangage fanbase with your existing email list!

Importing your fan data:

Step 1 - Importing your file: 

Gif Import 1

  1. Navigate to your fan manager under "Fans" 
  2. Click on "Import fans" 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload a .csv or excel file from your device
  4. Click on "Continue"

Step 2 - Import preview: 

Fan Import step 2

For this step, make sure your .csv file contains at least an email address column
  1. Check if the first row contains a header (this is usally the type of information such as "First name" or "Email" 
    1. Click on "Yes" 
  2. Map the column fields by choosing the type of information per column.
    1. In this example, our fan import file has three columns, namely "first_name", "last_name" and "email"
    2. As a result, we choose "First name", "Last name", and "Email adress" from the dropdown. 

3. Double check and make sure your columns match with the proper information!

Supported formats: 

  • Mobile phone number: E164 format; the numbers should be in the following format: +31xxxxxxxxx 
  • Date of Birth: Y-M-D format; so year-month-day. For example, 1997-06-24
  • Gender: Requires the gender fields to be male, female, or other 
  • Preferred language: Two letter country code, for instance es for Spain or uk for United Kingdom

Step 3 - Import confirmation: 

Fan Import step 3

  1. Any issues, missing fields or invalid entries are going to be displayed here. To avoid invalid rows, we recommend importing only first names, last names, and email addresses. 
  2. Click on "Import" to start the import process. You're going to receive a confirmation email updating you on the status. The first email is going to confirm that the import has started, and a second email will be sent out when the import is finished.
  3. Depending on the amount of fields you have, the import can take several minutes. Please be patient! 

If you need any help, we're more than happy to help! Reach out to us via chat or contact!