How can I connect my Shopify store?

Connect your Shopify store to display your products directly on your Fangage page!

Using our Shopify integration, you can display your Shopify products directly as individual content items! Your fans will still check out in your Shopify store. 

Follow one of the methods steps to set everything up 🚀

First Method - Connecting your Shopify store by installing the Fangage app:

  • Navigate to
  • Click on "Add app" and follow the instructions.
  • Once you're done connecting your store, you can login to your Fangage platform and navigate to "Content"
  • Choose the content type "Shopping".
  • Under "Product", type the name of the item that you'd like to display. 
  • Your desired product should appear in a dropdown list. 
  • Click on the item you'd like to add.
  • Add a cover image and a description.
  • Click on "Publish now" to upload the content item.

Second Method - Connecting your Shopify store from your Fangage dashboard 

  • In your Fangage dashboard, navigate to "Settings"
  • Click on "Integrations" and choose "Shopify".
  • Enter the link of your Shopify store to connect.
  • Follow the instructions above to upload your content item.

Let us know if you have any questions!