Do I need to indicate my private phone number when creating my Stripe account?

Stripe requires you to provide a phone number in case of a problem with a customer's payment or in case of a dispute over a payment. 

We understand that some of you may be uncomfortable providing your personal phone number, therefore we recommend the following options: 

1. One option is to sign up with an answering service. This will allow you to receive emails from the answering service regarding any phone calls you might receive from fans. One example of an answering service is Places Antwoordservice. 

2. Some Fangage users also get a new, special phone number to deal with fan payments and any problems that might occur. This secondary phone number can be indicate on Stripe without worrying about giving out your private one. 

Please contact support if you have any issues or further questions! You can reach us using the live chat button in the bottom right corner, or by emailing