Connecting Google Tag Manager to your Fangage platform

Start tracking visitor events on your Fangage platform by connecting Google Tag Manager to your site.

Google Tag Manager lets you manage your tags and third-party code snippets from one location, so you can keep them organized and updated.

To implement your own Google Tag Manager code: 

Step 1.

  • Retrieve your Google Tag Manager account ID by signing in to your Google Tag Manager account.
    • The code should look as follows: GTM-XXXXXX (With other letters instead of the X's) 

Step 2. 

  • Go to your Fangage dashboard.
  • Navigate to your general settings under "Settings" > "General".
  • Add your GTM code in the field shown below. 

  • Click "Save changes"

Note that we do not offer support for technical difficulties relating to third-party services. Please contact Google directly if you are experiencing issues with your GTM code.