What are follow-to-unlock social actions and how do I use them?

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Using follow-to-unlock social actions, you can lock specific content items in exchange for follows or engagements on social media platforms.

You can add a follow-to-unlock gate when creating or editing a content item. This way, only users who complete an action, such as following you on a certain social media platform will be able to access the content.

How do I add a follow-to-unlock gate?

  • When creating or editing a content item, click on "Follow-to-unlock"
  • In the field that says "Enabled" click on "Yes"
  • Click on "Add action" and choose a follow-to-unlock option such as "Follow user" (You can add a maximum of 5 interactions per social media platform)

      What do I fill in?


      • You can either look up your name or paste the link to your Spotify user profile, artist profile, or playlist. 


      • Paste the link of your Twitter profile or status in order to lock a content item in exchange for follows or like/retweets. 


      • Indicate the channel name or paste the channel URL into the field to increase your YouTube subscribers!

      Lastly, don't forget to click on "Create item" or "Update item" to enable your new follow-to-unlock option.

      In case you encounter any difficulties adding a follow-to-unlock option, don't hesitate to contact us via support!