How does the submissions feature work?

Using our submissions feature, you can receive images, videos, or audio files from your fans.

Creating a submissions content item:

When creating a new content item or editing an existing one, click on "Submissions" under "Content type".

Under "Max uploads" per fan, choose how many files a fan can upload.

Under "Submission file" type, choose the file type your fans can submit.

Receiving submissions:

After creating the content item, your fans can submit their files by clicking on the content item. They can also give their submission a title & description.

Accessing submissions:

In the admin dashboard, click on "Fans" and then on "Submissions".
Here you can view, manage, and reply to every submission!

Replying to submissions:

If you would like to respond to a particular submission, click on it. This will open a new window in which you can view the file. Then, you can reply to the submission or use a reply template.