How do I get fans to sign up for my website?

The more fans sign up on your profile, the better you can use Fangage and its numerous features.

If you're looking to build your fanbase or make more money using Fangage, you're going to need your fans to sign up on your website first.

Getting your fans onto your new website may sound intimidating at first, but remember - you already have all the tools needed at hand.

Here are some ways to promote your own website:

Include your Fangage link in your bio or description page!👀

Link your Fangage website in your Instagram bio, Twitter bio, Facebook page, TikTok description, or YouTube/Twitch description. 

Make sure your new platform receives some buzz! Make your followers excited about your Fangage website by telling them what to expect.

A call-to-action such as "more content here" or "exclusive giveaways & contests" followed by your Fangage link will make your fans curious.

Make a new post and let your fans know that you created a Fangage website! 😍

The next step after setting up and adding content to your website is to let your followers know where they can find more of you!

Let your fans know about your new website by posting on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter! Tell them about all the exclusive content, giveaways, and more personal interactions that they can access once they sign up. Do not forget to add a link to your profile or posts!

By doing this, you will encourage your biggest fans to join. Extras are always nice, especially free ones! 

Instagram Story swipe-ups & polls! 📲

Instagram stories are popular for a reason. With this simple, yet effective approach, you can interact with your followers without overwhelming their homepage with unnecessarily frequent posts.
Add your Fangage link to your swipe-ups and let your fans know about all the cool stuff they can access after signing up!
Make sure you use swipe-ups regularly on Fangage, whether you upload new content or run giveaways.
Extra tip: Use polls to learn what your fans want to see on your Fangage website. Use their feedback to fine tune your future Fangage content, like hosting giveaways or posting exclusive content!

• Host giveaways or contests and promote them using paid ads. 💻

Run an ad campaign on a giveaway or contest that you're hosting on Fangage. In this way, you'll reach not only your fans, but also users who don't follow you. Ad campaigns can easily generate and funnel traffic onto your Fangage website.

• Engage with your fans using DM's! 💬

Your biggest fans are eager to follow you wherever you go. Promote your new Fangage website by sending them a private message on a social media page of your choice. Message your most loyal fans directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
How do you identify your biggest fans? Take note of those who frequently comment, send you messages, or create fan pages in your honor! 

• For brands - Link or include your Fangage website in your marketing E-mails! 📤

Add buttons such as "Get Involved" or "Join our exclusive community" to market your Fangage website. Include an e-mail signature with a link to your Fangage website!

Most importantly, let your fans be part of your journey!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas!