The team behind Fangage is working hard to ensure a pleasant and user-friendly environment for both clients and their fans. Moreover, we love receiving any feedback on how we can improve Fangage.
That's why we decided to use a roadmap which acts as our suggestions page. In there, you can suggest new features and ideas, as well as vote on existing ones. Features marked with "planned" are already in development, meaning you'll be able to use them soon!

Generally, the more votes a feature gets, the more likely it is to be implemented in the near future. Please make sure to check whether someone else has already submitted the same idea by using the search bar. If no one has submitted your idea or suggestion, feel free to create a new post by clicking on "Make a suggestion"

Our roadmap is constantly reviewed by our team as we are looking to add more features, functionalities, and integrations. Additionally, feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions via support or by reaching out to us at [email protected]

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