Custom admin user roles is a feature included in our "Legend" plan. This helps divide tasks and roles between different managers or team members. Team members can easily access and use Fangage depending on their specialization.

Here is a table of every role and their predefined permissions:

All users have predefined permission to access the dashboard as well as view insights.


  • The admin user is the main owner of the Fangage platform. As an admin, you have access to all functionalities and can assign or edit new user roles.

Campaign manager:

  • Campaign managers have additional access to the Fan Relationship Manager as well as the engagements tab and can be used to send engagements.

  • Campaign managers are also useful to optimize campaigns and finetune fan profiles.

Fan manager:

  • The fan manager user role can be used to view, edit, or delete fan profiles.

Content manager:

  • This user role has permission to access the content tab. Content managers can add or edit the pages displayed on their Fangage website, as well as offering exclusive items.


  • An analyst can view insights and analyze demographic data of fans such as age or gender. This data can be used to improve future campaigns or choose which content should be hosted.


  • This user role has access to the translation tab. A translator can change language settings such as adding a new translation or editing existing ones.

Submissions manager:

  • The role of the submissions manager includes access to fan submissions. Easily let fans submit fan-generated content and reply using personalized templates.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about custom admin user roles.

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